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How Technology Has Transformed The Telecommunication Industry.

Technology has thrown our world to a very far place that no one saw it coming. This is especially when a study of the olden days is done and compared with what we have today. A lot of people do not believe that all this has happened in the pace at which it has. It always comes up in many topics if the ancient man and if he was capable of doing the things that are happening today. Many wonder if the people were not able to think of advancing themselves or they were just normal with everything. Some people however suggest that limited resources are could be the reason.

There has been a lot of change thanks to the advancement of technology. Each and every area or sector of our lives has experienced a touch of technology. Technology has been effective in all sectors but the telecommunication sector is one of those considered to have had a bigger share of the change. The transmission of information from one point to another is very important as it has made it possible for the world to move. When communication is altered even in the smallest was imaginable, a lot of things can really go wrong. Research has shown that this is one of the most improved sectors when it comes to technology use.

This industry has undergone a gradual change from what it started out with. The use of telecommunication has been made better by improving other sectors also. In its conception, it was only managed by a few people in every state and this was mostly governments. This is because only a few people had the ability to manage it. It has also moved from extreme regulations by the governments to a more open industry. The main reason for regulation was because it played a very important role in the society.

The fiber optic system is seen as the latest form of improvement in the telecommunication industry. This is a way of transmitting information that involves the use of glass threads to transfer data and it basically works by sending light waves through fiber cables and does this by changing electronic signals to light.

This method of data transmission is preferred over the old wire cable for a number of reasons.

Data in this form of technology is through glass and light unlike copper wires and electricity in the old ways.

Unlike the old method, this one is more powerful meaning it can cover very long distances.

The amount of data transmitted at any given time is also very large.

Fiber cables are also very light and small thus proving easy in installation and transportation.

Wire cables faced a lot of security threats as people discovered their location and used them for other purposes thus destroying them

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